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Services & Fees


We prepare individual and business tax returns. We are licensed to prepare returns all over the United States
2017 Rates -

Form 1040A - Start Rate $125


Long form 1040 with Sch A - Start rate $150

Schedule E (Rental Properties) - Start rate $100 - $200 depending on number of rentals

Schedule D (Capital Gains) $50 - $200

depending on number of transaction


Sole Proprietor (Schedule C) - $100 - $400 depending on level of bookkeeping complete

Form 1065 Partnerships - $300-$600 depending on the number of partnerships and level of bookkeeping complete

Corporations (C &S) - $300 - $1,000 depending on the complexity of the return and the level of bookkeeping complete


If your company only desires payroll help, our

fees depend on the number of employees you have.

One to ten employees - $25/pay period

Ten to Twenty employees - $60/pay period

Twenty to Thirty employees - $80/pay period

Monthly filings of Federal and State tax included in price.

Quarterly/Annual payroll returns start at $100 - $300 depending on the size of your company

Retirement Planning



We direct our clients to Prymak Wealth Management, a Certified Financial Planning and Chartered Financial Analyst firm in the Fredericksburg area. 

Whether you are seeking long-term retirement planning, help with your 401k, or simply want to make sure that your children or grandchildren will make it to college, our team of financial experts are ready to guide you down a well-planned financial path tailored specifically to your life.


We provide full cycle bookkeeping which includes: accounts receivable, accounts payable, reconciliation of bank and credit accounts, financial statement reconciliation, month end entries, cash management etc.

We provide virtual support through dropbox and  We also go to client sites for bookkeeping needs.

We have monthly bookkeeping packages (which include payroll) start at $300 - $600

Quarterly packages start at $150 - $500


Our hourly rate is $50

Every business has different bookkeeping needs, and we provide support on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

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